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Many thanks to all judgs for their kind approach,
nice judgements and given titles to all of our dogs and descendants.

Tony's successful 2016:

- He was 3rd TOP standard poodle at KPaCHP
- He qualified himself for VDH Veteran Champion
- He received twice BOV at international and national show
- At national show in Klatovy, he got BOS from veteran class and also 3rd BIS Veteran of day
- He became European Veteran winner at EDS Brussel
- He sired 7 puppies in kennel Sance de mol

Advent show KPaCHP - 18.12.2016 - Praha - hotel Svornost

Judge - Petra Ulrichová /CZ/
This time our veteran Tony went to enjoy the show.
He got Club CC, became BIS Veteran and in the final competitions also ended up as BISS 4th.
With this show we enclosed his this years show season in veteran class.

International show Osinnij Lvov (UA) - 22.10.2016

Judge: Tatiana Šijan, UA
Ch. Attila AV Pes - CAC, CACIB, BOB

National show Osinnij Lvov (UA) - 23.10.2016

Judge: Vitalij Bielskij, UA
Ch. Attila AV Pes - CAC, BOB, qualified for Ukraian champion

It was very successful trip. Attila got his qualification for International Champion and his 3rd National Championship.

Seminar for groomers

Topic: Grooming of standard poodle in continental clip
Grooming of miniature poodle in modern clip

Organisator - Monika Hartlová - Salon and wellness for fogs - Liberec - Vet clinic
Lector - Věra Vitnerová

Many thanks to Monika Hartlova for organisation and to all participants for lovely atmosphere during the seminar.
Also many thans to my client Lenka Honysova for borrowing me her well disciplined miniature fawn poodle.

European Dog show Brussells - 27.8.2016

Judge - Tamas Jakkel, HU
Tony got European Veteran Winner 2016.

In August we went to summer camp training with our boys to Beskydy.

The camp if for airdeles, but we do not mind, it is always nice to meet friends.

In June 2016 puppies by our Tony and Bria z Halmova dvora were born.

/ 2 girls and 5 boys /
All have their new homes.

National show Erfurt 18.6.2016

Judge - Yvonne Schöne - DE
Tony - VDH - V - CAC, BOS
Attila - VDH - res. CAC

Half of the show season was done in german Erfurt. This time Andrea Farkašova accompanied us and also shown Otík. Thank you very much.

Tony and Attila

International show Erfurt 19.6.2016

Judge - Linda Reinelt Gebauer - DE
Tony - VDH - V - CAC, qualified for Veteran Champion VDH

National show Klatovy - 12.6.2016

Judges - Zuzana Vetvinská - Vršecká - CZ /poodles/, Ludvic Denis - F /veteran BOD/, Iveta Nováková - CZ /Junior Handling/

Tony - BOV, BOS, 3rd Best veteran of teh day - handling Jitka Svobodová
Eva Tichá together with Tony made it to 1st place in Junior Handling.

Tony enjoyed the whole show in Klatovy in veteran class and in Junior handling competition in company of two nice handlers.

Our team was successfull indeed. Miniatire boy of Dasa Innemanova - Ace Top Narcis - became Czech champion by recieveing his last required CAC.
Black miniature boy of Katka Slezakova - Horátio Top Narcis - became Czech Junior Champion be getting his rd 3CAJC and also BOS in international competition.
Congrats to both of them and thank you for your company.

International show Budva - Monte Negro - 21.5.2016

rozhodčí - Jelena Mušikič - MNE
CH. Attila AV Pes - CAC, CACIB, BOB, res. BIG

International show Čanj - 22.5.2016

rozhodčí - Sissy Adramitli - GR
CH. Attila AV Pes - CAC, CACIB, BOB, new Champion of Montenegro, Grandchampion of Montenegro, Champion of the Adriatic

In May we went with Otík to our favourite destination in Monte Negro and spent there two days at shows, which were really successful for Otík. Otík took another Championship and Grand championship and also enlarged his CACIB collection.

IDS Praha - 1.5.2016

Judge - Nils - Arne Törnlöv - Sweden
Only Toník was shown at the show in veteran class, where he got BOV and together with handler Jitka Svobodova they made it to TOP 5 veterans of the show.
Tony enjoyed the show as he always does.

Magical club show KPaCHP - Praha hotel Svornost - 30.4.2016

Judhe - Anna Törnlöv - Sweden
Attila - CAC, ČKCH, Club winner 2016, The Best standard dog and 2nd best dog of the show. He is now qualified for Club champion KPaCHP.
Tony - VKCH, The Best Veteran dog of the club show, BISS 3
Handled by my daughter Jana, Tony made it into TOP four poodles of the club show. We were accompanied by our friend Katka Slezákova. Jana handled her miniature black poodle male - Horátio Top Narcis and together they got JKCH, CAJC a Club Junior winner 2016. In finals he was 2nd Best junior dog in show.

Attila - 2nd best dog of the show

Attila - CAC, ČKCH, Club winner 2016, The Best standard dog

Horátio Top Narcis


We made a reconstruction of our salon. The whole process took longer time, but we are very satisfied with the result. Indoors and outdoor rebuild was done simultaneously.

This is our new salon.

Klub show KPaCHP - 13.3.2016 - Praha Stodůlky

Traditional show with announcement of The top poodle 2015 competition. I participated with all of our three dogs. Though it was really exhausting we enjoyed it together. Judge was Mrs. Pet Richard from France. Many thanks to Petra Kastlová for handling of our Tony and to Standa Kolář for the photos.

CH. Abar Recatty - CAC, CHKCH, 4th Best standard male of the show
CH. Attila AV Pes - Poodle of the year 2015 - 2nd Best standard pooodle
CIB Tony White Envisan - Poodle of the year 2015 - 3rd Best standard pooodle

FeHoVa Winter Dog Show Budapest 2016

Ch. Attila AV Pes
20.2.2016 - CAC, res. CACIB / = CACIB /, judge - Rainer Jacobs - Germany
20.2.2016 - Club show - Joker Uszkár Klub - res. CAC, judge - András Korózs - Hungary
21.2.2016 - CAC, CACIB, HFGY - BOB, judge - Agnes Ganami Kertes - Ireland

Wonderful trip to almost spring Budapest with very nice results. Many thanks to Petra Kastlová for the ride and company.

Tony's colelction of Club's diplomas of Klub přátel a chovatelů pudlů is complete.

New Years Club show KPaCHP - Středokluky - 9.1.2016

Judge: Olga Dolejšová.
Show with light friendly atmosphere, as usually nice meeting in new year. This time at was a big day for out Otík, who begun his show year in style.
He got Club CC, The Best standard male, The best male in show and also best poodle - BISS.
Horácio Top Narcis - got JKCH and became best Junior dog in show.
Due to his only second club show it is a huge success.

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