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Villy Adia Avi

One member of our team is done with his show career. He is now registered stud male and recieved following titles:
Puppy Champion KPaCHP
Junior Champion KPaCHP
Club Champion KPaCHP
Czech Junior Champion
Czech Champion
Club Junior Winner KPaCHP
Special show winner Pudl klub
Best Puppy male at club show KPaCHP
The Junior male at club show KPaCHP
2x 2nd Best miniature male of club show KPaCHP
CACIB MVP Brno 2011
BOB MVP Brno 2011
BIS 3rd at club show KPaCHP

His breeder Iva Králová, kennel Adia Avi, is really happy that she bred such a nice boy. As well as his owner Radim Beniček from Sázava.
Many thanks for your trust in our service! We enjoyed his special show nature very much!
Vill's website:
Villy Adia Avi Villy Adia Avi Villy Adia Avi Villy Adia Avi

Artra Recatty

Tony's daughter Artra Recatty (dam: Carmen Allegoria Magni Loquentia), living in Poland in kennel Raciborski Puch, got title Champion of Poland. She is already 3rd puppy with national champion certificate from this combination.
Both brothers Aramis and Abar Recatty are already Czech champions.
Artra Recatty Artra Recatty

2.12.2012 - Advent show VDP, Halle

Tony together in braces with his daughter Aquilera were on 1st place.
Aquilera got her first VDP CAC and VDH CAC and became The Best standard female of the show.
Daddy Toník got his diploma of VDP Siegerchampion.
Antonio Pikovický poklad
Tony a Aquilera Aguilera

Club show KCHP Prague 24.11.2012

Judge: Linda Barker from England
Antonio Pikovický poklad - Tony junior - got res. CAC in open class and was registered as a stud male.
Tony was Best male of honour class
Antonio Pikovický poklad Tony

PF 2013

3.11.2012 - IDS Prague

Our 10,5 yers old flatcoated retriever girl Gwynet Cher Tichý Ruland was shown in Prague. Judge František Němec gave Veteran BOB title.
Gwynet Cher Tichý Ruland Gwynet Cher Tichý Ruland Gwynet Cher Tichý Ruland

27.10.2012 - Club show PK, Středokluky

Club show of Pudl klub in Středokluky was 27.10.2012 and judge was Monika Blaha from Austria. Aquilera got her first title Club Winner, Tony became Best honour dog and together with his daughter were in Braces competition. They were placed as first and Tpny was also on 1st place in Junior Handlingu with Simonou Kupicová. High Style Yrtep and Chic Chance Yrtep both got CAC and Club Winner
Tony - Best honour dog Tony and Aguilera in braces Tony in Junior handling Aguilera

14.10.2012 - IDS České Budějovice

Tony's daughter Aguilera met conditions of Czech champion and son of Tony Antonio recieved his very first CACIB. Medium white boy Chic Chance Yrtep, owned by Zdeňka Hrdličková, got CAC CZ in intermediate class.
Aguilera Aguilera Chic Chance Yrtep
At Club show of KPaCHP in Pargue-Stodulky Tony got his next BIS. Show was judged by Ing. V. Kučerová and Tony got following titles The Best standard male, The Best male and BIS. This year it is his 3rd BIS Speciality.
Tony - BIS Tony - Nejlepší velký pes Tony - BIS Tony - BIS

Aramis Recatty and his show highlights

Aramis Recatty
Show results of Tony's son Aramis Recatty within last two months:
3. a 4.11.2012 IDS Prague /judges: P. Richard from France and S. Wheeler from Sweden/ - 2x CAC CZ
30.9.2012 IDS Tulln - /Urschitziris, A/ - CACA AT, res. CACIB
Aramis Recatty Aramis Recatty
9.9.2012 Regional show Brno - /judge: Vladimír Mojžíš /
Open class winner, Regional winner
11.8.2012 Club show KCHP Ostrava - /judge: MVDr. Edita Králová/
Club CC, The Best standard male of the show
Aramis Recatty
Aramis Recatty
15. a 16.9.2012 Club show Slovakia Kamenný Mlýn - /judge: M. Slooijer NL, G. Sarközy HU/
2 x CAC SK, Club winner 2012, The Best white poodle
22.9.2012 IDS Maribor Slovenia - /judge: Hans Boleaars NL/
Aramis Recatty
23.9.2012 IDS Pohorje Slovenia - /judge Veli Pekka Kumpumäki FIN/
We are so happy for such fine results and we wish many more to his owner!

25.8.2012 - Club show KCHP in Poděbrady

Tony's son Antonio Pikovický poklad - Club CC and Best standard male of the show, judge Laurent Heinesch, LUX. Tony was again perfectly handled by Andrea Farkašovská.
Antonio Pikovický poklad

12.8.2012 - Club show KPaCHP Konopiště

Show was again organised in beautiful area of Konopiste castle, weather was wonderfull and results even better!
Judge was Renate Möbius from Germany.
JCH.Aquillera Pikovický poklad recieved diploma of Club Junior Champion and became registered breeding female.
ICH.Annabel du Cristaux Glaceés recieved diploma of Champion of Champions and became 4th Best female of the show.
CH.Abar Recatty got diploma of Club Junior Champion, became registered stud and 2nd Best standard male.
CH. High Style Yrtep became new Club champion, Best medium male, Best male and BIS 3.
CH.Yoko Ono z.Riegelsfeste became Best standard female of the show, Best female of the show and BIS 4.
Her brown daughter Angelina Brown Laronna "Angelina" was 2nd Best puppy of the show.
Our poodle pair Abar Recatty and Aquilera Pikovický poklad was number 1 in afternoon pairs competition.
Black poodle Diodoro Nontiscordardime became Best in show puppy at club shows organized by KPaCHP.
Big congratulation to all!
JCH.Aquillera Pikovický poklad ICH.Annabel du Cristaux Glaceés JCH. Abar Recatty JCH. Abar Recatty - 2nd Best standard male CH. High Style Yrtep - Best medium male CH. High Style Yrtep - Best medium male CH. High Style Yrtep - Best male CH. High Style Yrtep - BIS 3 CH.Yoko Ono z.Riegelsfeste - BIS 4 CH.Yoko Ono z.Riegelsfeste - Best female Angelina - daughter of CH.Yoko Ono z.Riegelsfeste Diodoro Nontiscordardime - BIS puppy Diodoro Nontiscordardime - BIS puppy The Best brace

Club show Pudl klub Kladno - 11.8.2012

Judge: Mr. Stefan Wächter from Germany.
My daughter Jana handled miniature grey poodle Villy Adia Avi, who got his 4th CAC CZ and became Czech champion. He also got Club CC and Special show winner.
Medium white male Chic Chance Yrtep, handled by Jana as well, got CAC CZ, Special show winner, Club CC.
Villy Adia Avi Chic Chance Yrtep

22.7.2012 - VDP Pudelklubschau Zwickau - Tony became VDP Siegerchampion

Judge: Dr. Axel Rudolph from Germany
Tony got his 4th VDP SCA-CAC and therefore became VDP Siegerchampion. Next to this he also got VDH-CAC, BOB, Best standard poodle of the show and BIS 3.
I also handled white poodle Chic Chance Yrtep, owner Zdeňka Hrdličková. It was his debut at german shows and very successfull one! - VDP CAC and VDH CAC.
Tony Chic Chance Yrtep

National show Klatovy - 1.7.2012

Judge Mrs. Olga Dolejšová
Tony's son - Antonio Pikovický poklad - CAC, National winner and BOB. Huge congratulation and big thanks to our friend Andrea Farkašovská for perfect handling.
Tony's daughter Alexis Pikovický poklad got CAC. Antonio Pikovický poklad Antonio Pikovický poklad Alexis Pikovický poklad

24.6.2012 - International show Brno

Judge Mrs. Ann Ingram from Ireland
CH. Aramis Recatty won open class of numerous entry and got his very first CACIB.
For the first time also Tony's son Armin Bílý poklad was shown and did very well - CAJC and Junior BOB.

23.6.2012 - Club show KCHP

Judge Mrs. Vladimír Javorčík
Tony's son CH.Aramis Recatty recieved following titles - Best Standard male and Best male of the show.
Four of Tony's sons met on the show - Aramis Recatty, Antonio Pikovický poklad and also Armin with Andreas Bílý poklad.
Tony's sons: Andreas, Aramis a Armin Tony's sons: Andreas, Aramis a Armin Tony's sons: Aramis, Armin, Andreas Andreas Armin and Andreas with owner Armin and Andreas

16.6.2012 - Regional show Hradec Králové with Club show of Poodle Club

Judge: Dr. Jaroslava Ovesná / judge for group IX. FCI - Mgr. Božena Ovesná
Tony got following titles - Club CC, BOB, Best standard poodle, BIS of Club show, BIG
Tony - poodle Tony - poodle Tony - poodle

Club show PK Lysá nad Labem

Abar Recatty was shown at this club show. Abar got his last CAC and became Czech Champion, also got his next Club CC and title BOB. Judge was Dr. Jaroslava Ovesná.
Many thanks to all judges and congrats to owners of our dogs!
Abar Recatty - poodle

27.5.2012 IDS Litoměřice

Two kids of Tony Abar Recatty and JCH. Aquilera Pikovický poklad succeeded at this show. Both won title CACIB and Aquilera also BOB. Judge was Mgr. Božena Ovesná.
Abar Recatty a JCH.Aquilera Pikovický poklad - poodle

26.5.2012 CS KCHP

Club show of Klub chovatelů pudlů was organised in Brezno. Tony's son CH. Aramis Recatty won Club CC, became Best standard poodle and Best white poodle of the show. Later also best dog and BIS, which was judged by Renata Smyčková.
This Tony's son was also registered as a stud male, second in a row after Arnaldo Pikovický poklad. We are so happy!
Ch. Aramis Recatty - pudl Ch. Aramis Recatty - pudl

IDS Prague 6.5.2012

Jana together with multicoloured poodle Cantos Brit Harlekin Wild Angel /Charlie/ won CAC and BOB from malaisian judge Weng Woh Chan. In afternoon competitions they were num. 5 in group, judged by Jaroslav Matyáš from Slovakia.
High Style Yrtep /Black/ became new Czech champion in Prague, where he got his last CAC, later he also won res. CACIB. Congratulations to owner Zdeňka Hrdličková and thanks to breeder Petra Kučerová for handling him.
Cantos Brit Harlekin Wild Angel - poodle High Style Yrtep - poodle

11.5.2012 - Antonio Pikovický Poklad

Tonys son Antonio Pikovický poklad is grown up now, he looks great in continental clip and Tony can wear it very well. We wish him many nice success!
Antonio Pikovický Poklad - great white poodle
At regional show 12.5.2012 in Pilsen Antonio got title Regional winner form Mrs. Brotankova.

11.5.2012 - Daysy Prague Haley

Black miniature poodle girl Daysy Prague Haley, bred by Zuzana Jelínková from Prague, is already for one year in care of our saloon.
She did really well under lead of her breeder, she cheered us as well as her owner Lenka Jáchymová from Prague. Go on and do even better!
She already gained following titles:
Junior Champion CZ
Junior CHampion KCHP
Best Puppy female at OKV KCHP Libice nad Cidlinou 2011
Best Junior female and BIS 3 OKV KCHP Březno 2011
Best Junior IDS Mladá Boleslav 2011
BIS 2 OKV KCHP Jankov u Českých Budějovic 2011
Best miniature female OKV KCHP Libice nad Cidlinou 2012
CAC CZ and National winner

Daysy Prague Haley - black miniature poodle

7.4.2012 - ZOP tests

On 7.4.2012 Tonys daughter Aquilera Pikovický Poklad successfully passed test of ZOP, she got 95 points.
Handled by her owner and trainer Zuzana Wohlmuthová was even more successful than her mother Annabel.
Keep on the great work and congratulations!
Aquilera Pikovický poklad - great white poodle

6.4.2012 - Visit of Tonys sons

On friday 6.4.2012 two sons of Tony came to our place - Armin and Andreas Bílý poklad together with their nice owner Olga Ježková from Brno. We took a few shots after grooming. Both boys grew up into nice dogs filled up with temperament.
We wish them many nice experience and good start at shows. Thanks to their owner for love and care!
Andreas Bílý Poklad - great white poodle Armin Bílý Poklad - great white poodle

Visit of Agnesie Bilý Poklad

In April Tony's daughter Agnesie Bílý poklad came to visit our salon together with her owner from Stuttgart.
We were really glad to meet then again and Aga was posing after grooming. She grew up into nice poodle miss and she has great care of her owner.
Agnesie Bílý poklad - great white poodle

Club show KPaCHP 11.3.2012, Prague - Na Svornosti

Judge: Mrs. Alena Košťálová
Tonys daughter Agnesie Bílý poklad was shown for her very first time with great success. She got excellent and her very first Club Junior CC.
Show was very successful also for her dam, Amanda Royal Team, who got Club CC, title for Best standard poodle female and also became The best female of the show. Congrats to both! Thanks to Denisa Trnková for handling.
great white poodle great white poodle

IDS České Budějovice 1.4.2012

Tonys son Abar Recatty got his next CAC and also resCACIB from austrian judge Karin Bernardis.
We are so happy that he is enjoying his time in the ring and shows his temperament.
Abar Recatty - great white poodle

VDP Pudelzuchtschau Hoyerswerda Laubusch dne 25.3.2012

Tony spread out his collection of titles with next BIS.
He got following titles at VDP club show: VDH-CAC, SCA-CAC, BOB, The best standard poodle, Best dog of the show and in the end also Best in Show. Judge was Mr. Wolfgang Schneider from Germany.
Tony White Envisan - great white poodle

19.2.2012 - Club show KPaCHP Prague

At club show of KPaCHP, 19.2.2012 in Prague - Stodůlky, Villy Adia Avi met conditions of Club Champion and became 2nd Best miniature male at show, handled by my daughter Jana.
Congratulations to Villy's owners and many thanks to Jana for her work.
Villy Adia Avi - miniature grey poodle

5.2.2012 - First of Tony's children has become Czech Champion.

Son Aramis Recatty got the title at interntional dog show in Brno 5.2.2012. Congratulation to the owner and we wish her a lot of success in the future.
Aramis Recatty great white poodle

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