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Last show this year was international dog show in Vrtojba - Slovenia. We had a competitors from Austria and Slovenia. Gaia fulfilled all conditions to become Slovenian Champion. The show was well organised at a lovely venue and we spent the time together in a great czech austrian company.
Thank you to all!

CAC 7.10.2023 - res. CAC / CAC /
Judge - Katja Longar Rejec /SLO/

CACIB 7.10.2023 - res. CAC / CAC /
Judge - Denis Kuzelj /SLO/

CACIB 8.10.2023 - CAC, res. CACIB /CACIB Judge - Eva Liljekvist Borg /SWE/

4 Rivers Winner Show Karlovac Croatia
30.9.2023 CACIB Karlovac

A lovely autumn show held in croatian Karlovac, which is a town located on junction of 4 rivers.
The first day we did great with Gaia. Among competitos from Austria, Germany and Croatia Gaia came out with CACIB and BOB under the croatian judge Suzana Šimon.
The second day Gaia took Excellent under finish judge Hannele Jokisilta.
Maria Uhrova, long-standing breeder of Welshspringer Spaniels, entrusted me her young male Oskar Merylic. Together we took 2x CAJC, JCACIB, JBOB, BOB and also title Croatian Junior Champion.
It was a great weekend spent together with lovely people!

2x CAC, 2x CACIB - Serravalle - San Marino - 27.-28.5. 2023

In May our dog gang again headed south to sunny Italy
We stayed over in a nearby Rimini.
Gaia did well among dogs from Italy and France.
Gaias handler was Ilaria Cantini from Italy.

CAC 27.5.2023 - got CAC, BOS - judge A. Novak /SVN/
CACIB 27.5.2023 - got res. CAC, res. CACIB - judge D. Piljevič /SRB/
CAC 28.5.2023 - got CAC, BOS - judge K.Szutkiewicz /PL/
CACIB 28.5.2023 - got res. CAC, res. CACIB - judge H. Klemann /DE/

Spring Cup Prilep Macedonia
2x CACIB, 1x CAC - 1.-2.4.2023

In spring we went to Macedonia to the town Prilep, situated in the middle of mountains.
We stayed over in a lovely mountain town Kruševo.
Gaia did great on both days and took home 3x CAC, 2x CACIB and 3x BOB, became Champion and also Grand Champion of Macedonia.
FCR were judge by judges from Macedonia and Greece - Dr. Panche Dameski, Mikael Papadatos and Darko Gegovski.
Gaia was handled by Sára Malinová and Šárka Hájková. Thank you, ladies!
The trip was a success allover - sunny spring weather, nice people and lovely results.

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