standard white poodle
professional groomer

My kennel Envy was founded in 1985. So far we have bred 2 litters of airedale terriers with dam Envy Vondra, who also gave name to our kennel. She was my dreamed-of airedale girl, which I was given as a present for my graduation.
She accompanied me for 9 years.
In 1991 I unexpectly became an owner of miniature apricot poodle girl - our Gina.
Initially I was only her groomer, but after break up of owners family I took her home and thanks to her I fully realized that poodles will accompany me up to the end of my life. By living together with Ginna I have understood how outstanding poodles are.
Next 8 litters born in our kennel were bred with our apricot girls - Golden Ginna od Hradeckých věží and her daughters Beauty Beryl Envy, Crazy Caroline Envy and Darlene Delicate Envy.

Miniature apricot poodle - litter H
DAM: Darlene Delicate Envy
SIRE: Golden Danto Maria Magdalena

FEMALES - Honey Henriette, Haw - Haw Heather and Huckleberry

Miniature apricot poodle - litter G
DAM: CH.Golden Ginna od Hradeckých věží
SIRE: ICH. Bandó Pier Senga Nilz

FEMALE - Giolley Bandó
MALE - Gilbert Bandó

Miniature apricot poodle - litter F
DAM: CH. Crazy Caroline Envy
SIRE: Edmond Golden Nella Markot
MALES - Fabien Golden and Farway Golden

Miniature apricot poodle - litter E
DAM: CH.Golden Ginna od Hradeckých věží
SIRE: ICH. Akin Burleska
PSI - Ellyan Jasper, Earlene Justin, Evangeline
Edmond Ross: JCH - CZ, CH - CZ, SK, Club champion, Winner of Ostrava - BOB, 3 x CACIB, 4 x res. CACIB, 8xCAC, CWC

Miniature apricot poodle - litter D
DAM: CH. Beauty Beryl Envy
SIRE: CH. Golden Talky- Gerd v.d.Bockhöh

MALE - Duke Dennison
FEMALES - Dreamy Doreen a Darlene Delicate - Club Winner, Club Junior Winner, Junior class winner, Junior CC, CAC, Club CC, Cerficate of winner CZ

Miniature apricot poodle - litter C
DAM: CH.Golden Ginna od Hradeckých věží
SIRE: ICH.Akin Burleska
MALES - Clermont Clay, Captain Callaghan - Club Junior champion, Junior class winner, 2 x CAC CZ
Copy Carlene - Club Junior champion, Junior class winner, puppy cl. winner, rCAC
Crazy Caroline - Ch. CZ, Club Junior Winner, Junior Class Winner, 4xCAC CZ, Junior Club CC, Certificate of Club winner, Club CC, rCAC

Miniature apricot poodle - litter B
DAM: CH.Golden Ginna od Hradeckých věží
SIRE: ICH.Akin Burleska
MALE - Best Bargee
FEMALES - Beamy Belle and Best Bargee export to Switzerland
Bouncy Barbara - Interchampion, Chamion CZ, DE, AT, Club Winner, Club champion, Central-European winner, Winner of Brno, 6xCACIB, National winner of Austria, Germany and CZ
Beauty Beryl - Champion CZ, Junior Club CC, Club CC, 4xCAC, CWC

Miniature poodle apricot - litter A
DAM: CH.Golden Ginna od Hradeckých věží
SIRE: ICH.Akin Burleska

FEMALE - Alison - Club Junior champion, Junior class winner, Puppy class winner

Airedale terrier - litter B
DAM: Envy Vondra
SIRE: Clay Sounion

MALES - Baltimore, Buccaneer
FEMALE - Berenika

Airedale terrier - litter A
DAM: Envy Vondra
SIRE: Lars Terno

MALES - Andrew, Arrow, Alger and Alwis
FEMALES - Abbey and Angie

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