standard white poodle
professional groomer

We provide complete service of grooming saloon:
  • grooming and trimming of all dog breeds
  • bathing, vacuum drying and coat brushing
  • special grooming and hairdressing of long-hair breeds
  • treating of ears, nails and anal glances
  • mechanical removing of dental plaque
  • consultation about nutrition, hair care, training and removing of unwanted behaviour
  • selling of breeders treatments and cosmetics
  • show training and other actions for breeders and dog owners
  • bonus programmes for new and current clients
We provide all the service in a peaceful place of our saloon. Professional and nice atmosphere is a matter of fact.
Presence of dogs owner while grooming is possible. It is necessary to book an order before - by email or by phone.

Phone : +420 774 481 041
Address of the salon: Kladno, Švýcarská 2430

Many thanks for regular help in salon to my colleague and friend Mrs. Zuzana Wohlmuthová. She is a vet technician in her own profession, a breeder of irish wolfhounds in the past. Now she is a breeder of standard white poodles, a groomer, a show enthusiasist and a dog-lover above all.
I also thank to my daughter Jana for excellent and regular help. Her attitude to dogs and animals in general keeps our saloon in professional and friendly atmosphere.

MVDr. Věra Vitnerová

Švýcarská 2430
272 01 Kladno-Kročehlavy, MAP
Phone: +420 774 481 041