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Tony's children were successful again!
Advent show VDP - Landsberg - Zwebendorf - 30.11.2014

Judge - Linda Reinelt Gebauer - DE
C.I.B. Multich. Aramis Recatty - VHD-CAC, VDP-CAC, BOB,    B    I    S
JCH Atilla AV Pes - VDP-JCAC, VDH-JCAC, Best Junior male in show, new VDP Junior Champion

Club show Pudl klub - Středokluky - 15.11.2014

Judge: Karin Bernardis z Rakouska
JCH Attila AV Pes - Club CC, CAC, Club Winner PK 2014, The best dog of the show
CH Aquillera Pikovický poklad - Club CC, CAC, Club Winner PK 2014
C.I.B. Multich. Annabel du Cristaux Glaceés - Club honour CC, The best honour bitch of the show

European Dog show Brno - 26.6.2014

Judge - Galina Zhuk - Belorussia
JCH Attila AV Pes - intermediate class - res. CAC
C.I.B. Antonio Pikovický poklad - champion cl. - res. CAC
C.I.B. Multich. Aramis Recatty - champion cl. - Exc. 3rd
CH Aquillera Pikovický poklad - champion cl. - Exc. 4th

We are very proud of all Tony's children at the show.
Tony took a part with great handler Kateřina Navrátilíková in Junior Handling. Together they made it to the finals and took 1st place in competition from Russia and Lathuania. Mrs. Veronika Kučerová judged the show. It was great experience to watch couple - Tony and Katka on the blue carpet!!!

C.I.B. Antonio Pikovický poklad
C.I.B. Multich. Aramis Recatty

International dog show České Budějovice - 21.9.2014

Sanda Kekez Veselič - Chorvatsko - poodles
Tibor Havelka and Jaroslav Matyáš - Slovakia - afternoon competitions
Olga Dolejšová - Junior Handling

Tony - 2nd place in Junior Handling with Katka Navrátilíková - older cathegory.


We were again accompanied by my mum, to who belongs big 'thank you!'.
Many thanks to Katka Navrátilíková for great achievment in JH and to Jitka Svobodova for showing Attila during the whole afternoon competitions.

JCH Attila AV Pes

Tony White Envisan

VDP Siegerschau - Merseburg - 14.9.2014

Judge - Dr. Axel Rudolph and Stefan Wächter - Germany
Tony - got Club Honour CC (VDP) and became Best of Honour classes in the afternoon competitions. He also met conditions of Honour Champion of VDP.
Attila - VDP-J-CAC, VDH-J-CAC, VDP Junior Sieger 2014, Best Junior male

JCH Attila AV Pes

Tony White Envisan

Dožínková Regional Club show of KCHaP Konopiště - 6.9.2014

Judge - Anette Arnold, Germany
JCH Attila AV Pes - CAJC, Junior Club CC, Club Junior Winner, The Best Junior male of the show, BIS 3. Attila met conditions of title Club Junior Champion.
CH Abar Recatty - CAC, Club CC, Club Winner, The Best Standard male of the show, 4th Best male in show.
Tony accompanied his sons at the show and enjoyed the day. We also had to pleasure to enjoy company of Abar's owner, weather was great, atmosphere nice and results amazing.

JCH Attila AV Pes

CH Abar Recatty

International dog show Kaliningrad - Russia - 18.5.2014

Judge - Sanja Mončilovič Bognic
Tony's son Aramis Recatty got CAC, CACIB, BOS among international competitors.
He met conditions of Champion of Russian Federation and by getting his 4th national championship also became Multichampion.
By this he became the most successful child of Tony's offsprings. BRAVO!!!

Aramis Recatty

International dog show Brno - 22.6.2014

Judge - Anatolij Zhuk - Belorussia
Tony's son Antonio Pikovický poklad got CAC, CAC ČMKU, CACIB a BOB in big competition.
He presented himself very well in good condition handled by his handler Andrea Farkašovská.
Congratulations and thank you for the wonderful presentation and we wish a lot of success also in the future.

Antonio Pikovický poklad

National show Klatovy - 29.6.2014

Judge: Zuzana Vršecká - poodles, Lenka Frnčová - Junior Handling
Otík presented in new clip at show in Klatovy.
He got his third title CAJC and met conditions of Czech Junior Chaampion.
He also made it again into Junior BOB.

Toník was together with Katka Navrátilíková in Junior Handling and they ended up on 2nd place in older cathegory.

Attila AV Pes

Medard Regional Club show KCHaP - Konopiště 8.6.2014

Judge: Renata Smyčková
Our Otík - Attila AV Pes - was shown in junior class and our Tony was shown for the very last time in honour class at Club show of KPaCHP.
My mum did a great comapy for us and enjoyed the show during the whole warm summer day.
Otík was presented for the last time in baby clip and got his already second Junior Club CC and bacame also 3rd Best Junior male of show.
Toník shown in honour class for the last time did also 2nd Best male of honour classes at show and got his diploma of Honour Club Champion.

Attila AV Pes

Tony White Envisan

IDS Litoměřice - 25.5.2014

judge - Mgr. Božena Ovesná
Attila - Exc.1, CAJC, BOJ

regional show for all breeds - Plzeň - 17.5.2014

judges: paní Brotánková and pan Adlt
C.I.B. Antonio Pikovický poklad - Regional winner, BIG, BIS

VDP - Pudelzuchtschau - Fraureuth - 2.5.2014

judge - Wolfgand Schneider - DE
Toník again as the last year got prize VDP - Jahressieger 2013, again met his daughter Alžběta and her nice family and enjoyed the trip with his descendants - daughter Aquillera and son Attila.
This time he scored as sire as well - two of his daughters ended up with title Junior BOB and BOB.
The best success belonged to Aquillera, who ended up as BIS 4. We are very happy of her.

Attila AV Pes - VDP-J-CAC, VDH-J-CAC, The best junior male
Alžběta AV Pes - VDP-J-CAC, VDH-J-CAC, The best junior female, Junior BOB
Tony White Envisan - VDP-E-CAC, VDP - Jahressieger 2013 in cathegory of standard black, white and apricot poodles
Aquillera Pikovický poklad - VDP-S-CAC, VDH-CAC, The best standard female, BOB, BIS 4
Aquillera + Tony - The Best brace

Aquillera Pikovický poklad

Aquillera Pikovický poklad

Tony White Envisan

Attila AV Pes

Alžběta AV Pes

The Best brace / Family gathering

Toník is enjoying the show

Nap at accomodation

IDS České Budějovice - 27.4.2041

Judge - doc.Jaroslava Ovesná
Attila AV Pes - our Ottik was shown for the very first time in junior class and got fantastic result - CAJC and Junior BOB.

19.4.2014 Club show KCHP Březno

Antonio Pikovický poklad - Toníček made us very happy and proud again. At club show of KCHP in Březno got following titles The Best standard male, The Best white poodle, 2nd Best male of the show
Ang again won in competition for the best continental clip. Judge was Robert Kubeš. Handling again by Andrea Farkašovská.

Family gathering

Meeting of the parents Agata and Tony with their choldren Alzbeta, Artush and Attila on 23rd March in our salon.

16.3.2014 Club show KPaCHP, Prague Stodulky

judge - Iuza Beradze
CH. Abar Recatty - CAC
Attila AV Pes - very promising 1st, The Best puppy male of the club show
Angelica AV Pes - very promising 1st, 3rd Best puppy female of the club show

CH. Abar Recatty Attila AV Pes
CH. Abar Recatty and Attila AV Pes
Attila AV Pes Attila AV Pes
Angelica AV Pes Angelica AV Pes
CH. Abar Recatty
CH. Abar Recatty

16.2.2014 - Club show KCHP - Libice nad Cidlinou

judge - Ing. Naďa Klírová
Attila AV Pes - very promising 2nd
CH. Antonio Pikovický poklad - Champion of Champions certificate, The Best white poodle of the show
                   The best continental clip

CH. Antonio Pikovický poklad CH. Antonio Pikovický poklad Attila AV Pes

28.1.2014 Tony again VDP Jahressieger

Tony won the title Jahressieger 2013 in VDP as well as in 2012. He managed to collect highest score of points in cathegory of great white, brown and black poodles in Verein der Pudelfreunde.

Tony White Envisan Tony White Envisan Tony White Envisan

Antonio Pikovický poklad

CH. Antonio Pikovický poklad - son of our Tony and Anabel met conditions of title Interchampion
IDS Trenčín - 18.1.2014
judge - Miroslav Guniš SK
results - CAC SK, CACIB, BOS

Another great succes was Antonio's start at Club show KCHP
Memorial of Jaroslav Kamenicky 24.11.2013
judges - Julia Shuko RU, Christa Klotz DE
results - CAC CZ, Club Winner KCHP 2013, BOB, The Best standard male of show, 2nd Best male of show
Many thanks for nice presentation of Tony and for the great handling to Andrea Farkasovska.

Antonio Pikovický poklad

4.1.2014 New Years show KPaCHP - Středokluky

judge: Zuzana Větvinská-Vršecká CZ
Our Ottik - Attila AV Pes - was shown for the first time ever.
He enjoyed the show, Tony did a company to him and result was very nice - very promising 1, BIS puppy male

Attila AV Pes Attila AV Pes Attila AV Pes

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