standard white poodle
professional groomer

I have been dealing with grooming for more than 35 years. At the beginning I felt a need to groom my own dog - my first airedale terrier and in 1976 there were not many saloons and specialists as to the breed. Another clients were pets of our family, later friend's pets and from the big whole-life hobby became a real profession and love in one. Working with animals gives me a lot but it also makes me feel satisfied right after finishing my work. In 1991 began to be interested in grooming of poodles and along with trimming I also started to groom by clipping. Today I go in for grooming of short-leg and long-leg terriers, griffons, setters, retrievers, schnauzers, english and american cockers, all sizes of poodles and bichons.

MVDr. Věra Vitnerová

Švýcarská 2430
272 01 Kladno-Kročehlavy, MAP
Phone: +420 774 481 041